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  BIGZEE Pro series  
Newest multipurpose professional CNC Router machines.
BigZee Pro
BIGZEE Pro machines the equipment of the Next generation.
All electronic and mechanic are developed by our engineers. This series is multipurpose and grasps a wide spectrum of scopes. The professional machine control system on BIGZEE Pro series allows to cope with any challenges.

Standard complete set for BIGZEE Pro series:

- Powerful high-speed Servo motors (Panasonic) at all axes X, Y1, Y2, Z (Z2, Z3)

- Auto Z sensor a measuring instrument of materials height

- A quiet spindle (2.2kWt) with electric forced air cooling system HSD / Italy

- Rack and pinion at X and Y axes

- Drive system at Z axis is ballscrew. It makes a movement of spindle smooth and gives accuracy and speed for milling. Height at Z axis is 210mm.

- All-welded metal construction excludes a vibration of machine during the working process.

- Vacuum Ready preparation of machine

Standard line * and short technical description of BIGZEE Pro series:
BIGZEE Pro 1325
BIGZEE Pro 1620
BIGZEE Pro 1630
BIGZEE Pro 1640
Permission at X,Y,Z axes
0,01 axis ,
0,0025 axis Z
Processing area mm
Height at Z axis mm
210 / 310
Spindle power kWt
2,2 W
Recommended power
2,2 W
2,2 W
3 W
3 W
4 W
4 W
Rpm max
24000 Rpm
Speed of engraving
Servo motors 200 /s
Used format
Memory buffer
1 Gb
Power supply
220 / 380 V
Freq 50 Hz
* The processing areas size can vary at the Clients will. Preparation of files and their transferring to G-code realized by means of following programs : ArtCam, EnRoute, Type3.
Options and available functions:

1. BIGZEE Vision system

BIGZEE Vision has become the graphics industry standard for perfect print-to-cut registration.

The growing demand for BIGZEE Vision enhanced cutting systems amongst graphic producers and OEMs is the strongest testament to BIGZEE Vision unique combination of:

1) easy-to-use software,

2) sophisticated mathematics

3) reliable cutting results.

Operators with limited or no computer skills are able to produce precision-cut graphics after only a few hours of training. Owners and managers can rely on razor sharp reliability and efficiency - without spending time worrying about costly mistakes or missed deadlines.

Print runs from just one sheet to hundreds or even thousands are contour-cut in the most reliable, precise and economical manner. Setup times are minimal - or in many cases virtually eliminated - with the latest workflow integration software pioneered such as the revolutionary i-script RIP-to-cut interface tool, and the new plug-in tool developed for Adobe Illustrator.
Distortions and BIGZEE Vision compensations:

Printing and media distortions are present in all jobs. Big Zee elegantly records these non-uniform distortions, calculates a new set of optimized cutting curves for each particular sheet, creating precise results in a matter of seconds every time.


2. Installation of the 2nd , 3rd spindle at Z axis

3. Extending of the clearances height at Z axis to 310mm.

4. Automatic tool change system

5. 3D Laser scanner with accuracy 0.001mm of scanning

Necessity of a computer model creation of an object for its further manufacturing by the CNC router machine. But there are some difficulties to make a high quality of 3D model.
its takes a very long time to make 3D model
qualified designer
high cost of 3D model execution by outside party.

In many cases it is possible to solve the abovementioned problems by using a 3D scanner. Installation of this device for the CNC router machine allows to produce a fast and exact scanning of almost any object.
For example, it is possible to execute a plasticine model and to scan that. Then we get a completed computer model.

Also it is possible to scan a completed 3D product (for example any figurine or carving on wood, etc). Then after some correction by 3D editor program on Your PC, you can produce this model at CNC router machine of any material you wish.

Advantages of this technology are:
- there are no need of designer participation in order to prepare a 3D model
- Simple preparation
- Manual modeling of one big carved element could take a few weeks. But scanning and some correcting will take just a few hours!
- High precision that can not be made manually (by manual modeling)

How does it work:
The CNC machine with laser scanner is three-co-ordinate system which smoothly moves a laser head over scanned object. During this moving using laser ray a distance is constantly measuring in a current point between a laser head and an object. The measuring head moves over all surface of an object, and coordinates of all measuring points on a surface are registering into a file which then can be opened by any modern 3D editor and in case of necessity to make a correction of received model.

As laser scanning is a contactless measuring method, it allows scanning with high speed and high accuracy (up to thousand points per second). Very important fact is that is impossible to scan transparent and mirror object.

How does laser head works:
The laser ray goes on measuring object and as being reflected it goes back into the head.
Result of 3D scanners work is a computer model at STL-file format. STL (stereo lithography) format is the most prevailing format for transferring 3D models, therefore STL files can be opened and edited at any modern 3D editor programs :3DS Max, Maya, Rhino, ArtCAM, Type3 etc.
And also model at STL format is possible to use at modern CAM-system: SolidCAM, AlphaCAM, MasterCAM, SurfCAM etc.

Using of 3d scanner allows to accelerate and to reduce a price of creation of 3D models. Besides, in many cases it is the only unique way to create a lot of models at rational time and for rational price.

6. Inexpensive contact 3D scanner

7. Tool length sensor clever nose

8. Laser measuring of materials thickness.

9. A portable manual control panel

10. Vacuum pressure system with 2, 4, 6, 8 zones (4kWt or 8kWt)

11. Shaving removal system

12. Auto oiling and cooling system directly on the tool and cutting zone. Especially it is necessary for processing of metals.

BIGZEE Vision system

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BIGZEE Vision system
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