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Company Vremena goda presents the Newest workings out for Your attention. It is possible to tell with confidence that the technical and functional indices of given models will make a serious competition to the equipment made in Europe and the USA, and especially to Chinese machines.

- Thanks to wide number of models, functions and options we will satisfy even the most tempted user of the CNC router machines. Our reliable and high-precision equipment is applied in many branches of manufacture.

- Advertising manufacture uses the equipment for manufacturing volume letters, light-boxes, and for cutting sheet materials.

- Woodworking and furniture manufactures use CNC routers for decorative engraving an a wood, for cutting DSP and plywood, producing exclusive furniture and doors.

- Industry and mechanical engineering produce casting moulds, stamps and press forms made of metals, technical linings, control boards and panels, prototypes of molds.

- The building companies use the equipment at manufacturing of cartridges for front furnish of buildings and their dressing, ventilated facades as well.

Standard line* and short technical description of BIGZEE VG series.
Permission at X,Y,Z axes
0,01 on axes ,
0,0025 on axes Z
Processing area mm
Height at Z axis mm
Spindle power kWt
2,2 W
Recommended power
Rpm max
24000 /
Speed of engraving
Stepper 250 /.
Used format
Memory buffer
128 Mb
Power supply
220 / 380 V
Freq 50 Hz
*The processing areas size can vary at the Clients will. Preparation of files and their transferring to G-code realized by means of following programs : ArtCam, EnRoute, Type3.
Standard complete set for BIGZEE VG series:

- a portable manual control panel
- Auto Z sensor a measuring instrument of materials height
- A quiet spindle (2.2kWt) with water cooling system
- Powerful step motors at all axes X, Y, Z
- Rack and pinion at all axes X, Y, Z
- Vacuum Ready preparation of machine

Options and available functions:

1. A Vacuum system
Now a reliable and durable system of vacuum pressure of any materials size (from 0.5sq/m to the whole sheet) is available. Standard functions of vacuum table include the reliable filter, electronic protection against differences of pressure and loss of the 3d phase, 1 vacuum hold down pump with capacity of 4kWt which could be increased up to 8kWt by addition of one more pump. The vacuum table can be designed of 2, 4, 6, 8 zones.

2. Shaving removal
The most powerful shaving removal system (1.2kWt) created by our company allows to remove about 95% of dust and shavings from mill and cutting zones, what reduces time expense of working zones preparation and protects sliders, shafts and carriages from hitting of chips and dust. Also shaving removal system includes a brush which press material to the T-slot table.

3. 3 D Laser scanner

3D Laser scanner with copying accuracy of 0,01 mm

Necessity of a computer model creation of an object for its further manufacturing by the CNC router machine. But there are some difficulties to make a high quality of 3D model.
its takes a very long time to make 3D model
qualified designer
high cost of 3D model execution by outside party.

In many cases it is possible to solve the abovementioned problems by using a 3D scanner. Installation of this device for the CNC router machine allows to produce a fast and exact scanning of almost any object.
For example, it is possible to execute a plasticine model and to scan that. Then we get a completed computer model.

Also it is possible to scan a completed 3D product (for example any figurine or carving on wood, etc). Then after some correction by 3D editor program on Your PC, you can produce this model at CNC router machine of any material you wish.

Advantages of this technology are:
- there are no need of designer participation in order to prepare a 3D model
- Simple preparation
- Manual modeling of one big carved element could take a few weeks. But scanning and some correcting will take just a few hours!
- High precision that can not be made manually (by manual modeling)

How does it work:
The CNC machine with laser scanner is three-co-ordinate system which smoothly moves a laser head over scanned object. During this moving using laser ray a distance is constantly measuring in a current point between a laser head and an object. The measuring head moves over all surface of an object, and coordinates of all measuring points on a surface are registering into a file which then can be opened by any modern 3D editor and in case of necessity to make a correction of received model.

As laser scanning is a contactless measuring method, it allows scanning with high speed and high accuracy (up to thousand points per second). Very important fact is that is impossible to scan transparent and mirror object.

How does laser head works:
The laser ray goes on measuring object and as being reflected it goes back into the head.
Result of 3D scanners work is a computer model at STL-file format. STL (stereo lithography) format is the most prevailing format for transferring 3D models, therefore STL files can be opened and edited at any modern 3D editor programs :3DS Max, Maya, Rhino, ArtCAM, Type3 etc.
And also model at STL format is possible to use at modern CAM-system: SolidCAM, AlphaCAM, MasterCAM, SurfCAM etc.

Using of 3d scanner allows to accelerate and to reduce a price of creation of 3D models. Besides, in many cases it is the only unique way to create a lot of models at rational time and for rational price.

4. Servo motors
The important factor of success in manufacturing is a speed of processing that allows executing the order in short terms. Step motors possess a high efficiency, but maximum positioning speed is 250mm/s. For this reason we offer high-precision and high-speed Servo motors ( Panasonic ) the speed goes up to 600mm/s. Installation at all axes ( X, Y1, Y2, Z ).


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